Mesa County Sheriff speaks out on Amend. 64 passage

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) -- Today, Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey speaks out against Amendment 64, which now makes marijuana legal in Colorado.

In a statement, the sheriff expressed his disappointment that the amendment was passed, but he accepts that he must now work within the new laws.

Here is his full statement:

"Opposing a well-funded national movement is always a hard thing to do. Even so, I never thought I would wake up in a State where its Constitution provides rights and protections for marijuana greater than most other desirable attributes of Colorado. Nevertheless, a majority of the State's voters have spoken and we must work with the outcome. I was proud to stand with Governor John Hickenlooper, two former Governors, the State Attorney General, other Sheriffs of Colorado and fellow law enforcement and public officials in opposition to this issue. In order to be hopeful that our concerns and fears do not come true with the legalization of marijuana, you would have to believe that 100 percent of the people in this state that use marijuana will do so responsibly 100 percent of the time...that's an assumption that I remain very skeptical of." -Sheriff Stan Hilkey

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