Mesa County bridging pedestrian safety, schools

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REDLANDS, Colo. The trek for students who walk or bike to school in the Redlands is getting safer in the coming year.

Mesa County engineers are in the design phase of a sidewalk and bridge next to Highway 340 and Colonial Dr. in the Redlands to get students and all kinds of pedestrians away from the busy road.

"It promotes safety and healthy lifestyle and as you know when you were a kid and I was a kid, it's a lot funner to bike and walk to school," said Bill Taylor, of Mesa County Public Works.

Right now, pedestrians have to walk on the shoulder of the road including students going to and from Redlands Middle and Broadway Elementary schools.

The new path will take them away from the road and over what will be called Limekiln Bridge.

Construction on the path will go on this winter and last about four months, so it could potentially be finished before the school year ends, Taylor said.

The path is part of a bigger plan in Mesa County to make access to Highway 340 more accessible for people without cars.

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