Mesa County pushes child support awareness

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's Child Support Awareness Month across the state and Mesa County is doing its part to get children and parents the financial help the need to cultivate happy, healthy families.

The proper collection and distribution of child support in Mesa County is an issue that often falls off the radar.

Each month in the Mesa County, the Department of Human Services brings in roughly a $1 million dollars in child support payments that serve 6700 families in need.

For many, a monthly check represents a roof over their heads and daily essentials to sustain their households.

“That support payment can mean the difference between that child getting to do that extra activity or having that new pair of shoes, or right now is back to school and they need those school supplies,” says Danae Derryberry of the Mesa County Department of Human Services.

The Mesa County Department of Human Services works to both establish and enforce child support payments.

Failure of parents to meet court ordered child support payments makes you liable for years of back payments and negatively affects kids as they lack basic necessities throughout their lifetimes.