Fundraising efforts continue for HOSA students

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GRAND JUNCTION, Co. Grand Valley high school and university students are gearing up for their annual trip to a national healthcare conference.

Members of the HOSA Future Health Professionals organization here on the Western Slope competed in a statewide medical services competition this spring, and they're continuing to dive into the medical field this summer.

Area students will be leaving to Orlando, Florida for the HOSA national conference at the end of this month to attend seminars, focus groups, and compete for national titles in their respective areas of medical specialty.

“Going to this competition is really important and what I think we can bring back is we can bring back a lot more knowledge, we'll understand things a little bit better,” says Kendra Stadelman.

Fundraising efforts for the students' trips to the national conference have been ongoing, but they still need help from the community to get there.

The HOSA team has produce many national champions in the past that have gone on to successful healthcare careers.

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