Mesa County trails behind Colorado economic growth

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Colorado Secretary of State's first quarter report is out and Mesa County isn't measuring up to statewide economic growth.

The State of Colorado is showing a very positive trend in new businesses and non-farm related employment.

However, according to Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce president, Diane Schwenke, Mesa County took a big economic hit when the major energy companies left the Grand Valley, and other sectors are not picking up the slack.

"We've seen a growth of a couple hundred jobs and tell tech for instance or star tech is also gotten a new contract, but overall when you look at the entire economy they're just not quite strong enough to carry the rest of us at this point," says Diance Schwenke.

The city of Grand Junction has seen a slowly increasing sales tax revenue that officials believe to be from the tourism industry.

With summer on its way, the tourist rush may be able to provide the grand valley with the boost needed to create jobs and lower our unemployment rate.

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