Mesa County's new strategic plan

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Mesa County commissioners unveiled a new strategic plan today to provide direction and values for all county employees.

The plan outlined a set of values all employees will work under. The values are leadership, service, integrity, respect, dedication and liberty. County commissioner John Justman said the plan suggests all employees will follow the same guidelines and reinforces to employees that their work is valued.

“With all of our employees, when they do a good job and have good interaction with the public, it makes our job much easier and the public perception will be ‘the whole crew is working for us,’” Justman said.

Linda Dannenberger has been a Mesa County employee for 25 years and feels, especially during the four-year pay freeze, it’s important to let employees know they are valued.

“It'll be a reinforcement of what we already do and a reinforcement by the board that they believe in what we do,” Dannenberger said.

The guidelines will also help employees make decisions in day to day operations.

“Whether we're looking at if it’s a service we want to provide and budget for or if it's just a simple service like cutting weeds, we can look to see if this fits within the framework of our values and what we're trying to accomplish,” said Pete Baier, Mesa County Public Works Director.

Justman said the plan was needed because the Board of Commissioners now has two new members and this creates a set of framework for everyone to operate under.

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