Mesa county mill levy tax refund

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A mathematical error by the state of Colorado lands Mesa County taxpayers a small cash break for the incoming year.

A miscalculation of the mill levy tax in school District 51 will amount to a refund of $336,000 dollars for Mesa County.

Individual families won't see too much money coming their way...broken down, the refund comes out to about a $1.66 for every $100,000 dollars’ worth of property that each household owns.

“The refund is very small amount and I'm sure that people will be happy to get their few dollars but most people are very forgiving of an error,” says Phil Onofrio of the Mesa County School District.

The refund won't be coming in the form of check.

Mesa County will instead collect $336,000 dollars less in mill levy taxes in December in order to refund the error.

Relative to the $162 million dollar school district's budget, the miscalculation is slight and they will use reserve money to make up the difference for next year.

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