Mexican leaders question international drug policy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- A lot of questions were raised with the passing of Amendment 64. Now, questions are coming from our international neighbors.

Just days after Colorado and Washington passed amendments legalizing recreational use of marijuana come concerns from our Mexican neighbors, a country that is the primary supplier of marijuana into the U.S.

First, the closest adviser to Mexico's next president, who will take office in just under a month, questioned how the United States will enforce a ban on growing and smuggling a drug across the border that is now legal in two states.

"Obviously we can't handle a product that is illegal in Mexico, trying to stop its transfer to the United States, when in the United States, at least in part of the United States, it now has a different status,” Luis Videgaray, adviser to incoming Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, said. “I believe this obliges us to think of the relationship in regards to security. This is an unforeseen element."

Then Monday, current Mexican president Felipe Calderon, along with the presidents of Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras called for a review of international drug policy.

Monday’s comments calling for the United States to review our policy are being called the most significant Latin American reaction to the passing of Amendment 64 so far.

Officials said the comments are likely to increase pressure on President Obama to strictly enforce the federal law that still says recreational pot use is illegal.

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