Michael Blagg's retrial grant adds possibility of posting bond

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Once convicted murderer, Michael Blagg, was granted a retrial this week and could be released while he awaits his new trial.

District Judge David Bottger ordered the new trial for Blagg on Wednesday because juror Marilyn Charlesworth lied about experiencing domestic violence.

If it stands, Blagg would be transferred from prison to the county jail.
After that, Chief Deputy District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said he would expect the judge to vacate Blagg's 2004 murder conviction.

That would raise the possibility of allowing Blagg to post bond and be released while he awaits the a new trial. District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says it's well within Blagg's right to argue for bond and he says that it will take about a month before the case is back in Grand Junction and a bond argument is made.

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