Missing Glade Park woman says "thank you" to volunteers

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The 78-year-old woman who went missing on Glade Park last Thursday is showing her gratitude for those who helped save her. Pat Osberg and her husband Allen spent today going around the community thanking local agencies who helped bring her home safely.

"Most of them are total strangers and I appreciate that they gave up their life or put it on hold to come look for a stranger and they do it without compensation or anything," Allen said.

The Osbergs were preparing to go to Thanksgiving dinner at their daughter's home when Pat, who has Alzheimer's, went for a walk near her Glade Park home and never returned.

Family, friends, neighbors and Mesa County Search and Rescue crews spent 24 hours searching the area before finding Pat on Friday morning.

Allen said it means even more to their family because it was Thanksgiving.

"I would believe that some of them were sitting down with their family and friends for thanksgiving dinner when they got the call," Allen said. "They may have felt 'oh, why today?' but they went, and they gave up their life and being with their family to look for my wife."

The Osbergs consider the dozens of volunteers who helped find her, to be heroes.

"These people are heroes in my eyes because they gave up their lives to save a life," Allen said.

But for those volunteers, it's all a part of the reason they decided to become Search and Rescue volunteers.

"It's all just doing a good job and helping other people," said Mesa County Search and Rescue volunteer Todd Holmes, who helped rescue Pat. "We're all just good Samaritans and we want to help people when they're having a bad day."

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