Missing woman found in 24 hours

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Patricia Osberg was found this morning 24 hours after her husband Allen notified the Mesa County Sheriff's department.

"As the hours wore on and the temperatures were as cold as they were last night, the chances of a good result go down dramatically," said Mesa County Search and Rescue member Warren Gore.

Osberg was found two and a half miles from her home in Glade Park at around 9:50 this morning.

"Well I was nervous and excited at the same time and just really excited that I found her," said Mesa County Search and Rescue member Rafael Quintana.

Osberg's daughter Lean Lyon said while her mother suffers from Alzheimer's, she still loves her independence and her ability to go on walks.

"I knew of all the people lost in the wilderness up here that she had that determination to survive" said Lyon.

Lyon said she tried to stay optimistic in the emergency situation, just as her mother would have done.

"And I felt that if it was intended by God that we would find her and we would find her alive," said Lyon.

Warren and Quintana said Osberg was very dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia when they found her. She was air lifted to the hospital minutes after being found.

50 volunteers from Search and Rescue showed up on Thanksgiving day to help find Osberg; happy to help a family in need.

"Most of us were having thanksgiving like everybody else and our pagers went off and we just started to assemble, and there's no question of whether you go," said Gore.

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