Mobile devices face new security threat

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- The newest security threat to strike technology could affect the 300 million mobile device users in the United States.

Hackers and viruses do not just destroy computers. Cell phone and tablet users should now be on high alert, since information can now be extracted from their devices.

IT technician Chris Riggs with Networks Unlimited recommends some ways to prevent hackers from attacking your phone: Turning off your Bluetooth when it is not in use can stop viruses and malware from being transmitted. Reading the terms and conditions before downloading free apps can give you information about accessing your mobile data.

Finally, deleting text messages and emails from unknown numbers will help avoid access to your cell phone applications.

Riggs says Androids and iPhones have the weakest security system, and although Blackberrys are no longer the top cell phone choice, they have the strongest defense against attacks.

Trend Micro reported a 500 percent increase in mobile cyber attacks last year, but with the steps provided, that number is expected to decrease.

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