Mold remediation project set for Mesa County Central Library

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A project to remove inactive mold growth from the interior of an office wall is scheduled to begin Monday, Dec. 2 at the Mesa County Libraries Central Library.

The mold was recently discovered inside a wall in the Literacy Center, on the library’s lower level. Air testing showed an elevated mold-spore count in the Literacy Center offices. The affected areas were closed to public use.

Classes have been relocated to other parts of the library that were originally in the Literacy Center offices.

The remediation project will begin after the library closes on Dec. 2 to minimize disruption. The Central Library will continue to be open with their regular hours during the project.

Affected areas will be contained behind plastic sheeting to prevent mold spores, dust and other materials from spreading. After the mold is removed, air will be retested to determine if spore counts have returned to normal. The project is expected to last seven days.

Mold is an allergen and can aggravate symptoms in people that are sensitive to it. The library does not believe the mold was actively growing during the time the office area was occupied.

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