Mom refuses to send kids on bus without piece of mind

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Mom, Tori Johnson didn't want her daughter to switch schools twice in one year, that means her daughter is outside the bus route for her school. Johnson said she was told there was an alternative, but after her daughter got lost in the bus system, she wants an apology and some piece of mind before trusting them with her little one again.

"I'm crying, my daughter is seven, she was brought to the wrong school and instead of them saying Ma'm I'm sorry we'll make sure that doesn't happen again, she yelled at me," said Johnson. "And treats me like I did something wrong and then calls the school, has the school call me, and ban my baby from the bus."

Now, Johnson drives her two kids to school each day but hopes to get something resolved with the First Student bus company soon.

Spokes person for the company said Johnson needs to fill out a space available form before being allowed on the new bus.

"Other students and other families, who have completed the space available form who may live outside of the route, and their children have transportation without incident," said Maureen Richmond, First Student spokes person.

Johnson said she sent her daughter with a form the day she was taken to the wrong school.

"So I wrote down my name our phone number, my daughters name, our address and the school and walked her to the bus," said Johnson.

Richmond encourages any concerned parents to contact their local office.

"Go to our local team and they can help make sure everything is taken care of efficiently," said Richmond.

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