Moms on forefront of tech world

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - New research reveals one-third of moms own a tablet, and women are online almost three hours per day. All of this new data was revealed by the MamaBear Family Tech Conference at the Microsoft Office Center in California.

"I really like it," said Jessica Compton, a mom of three. "I can really connect with my other friends that I wouldn't be able to."

Women are becoming the superusers of technology. The "Mama Market" is $2.1 trillion strong, and as moms become the biggest users of technology, it's no surprise local mom, Jessica Compton, is using it as a way to keep friends and family in tune with her little ones.

"It's easier than sending pictures through the mail or emailing," she said. "Everyone can look at your profile."

Adam Cochran, a CMU Mass Communications instructor and social media expert, says women in general have had a major influence on social media.

"I think a lot of people were afraid to get into social media until Facebook came along and allowed people to use their real names, and when that happened, I think people felt a lot safer on the internet," said Cochran. "That just began a domino effect of women getting involved with internet and social media."

The emerging family tech market is largely driven by mothers creating technology to solve problems such as how to find a baby sitter, choose the right summer camp and capture the memories of their child's first year.

Lauren Bell, of Networks Unlimited, says because women are using social media more, we are seeing more and more apps being developed just for them.

"The demand comes from niche markets, and although as cliché as it is, there is an app for that, and there's going to be an app developed for any niche market," said Bell. "We can see now apps being developed specifically for females and for mothers."

"A lot of the features that you see added into Facebook and Pinterest and all of those things are associated with the family," said Cochran.

Social media can be a perfect took for managers - including busy moms juggling the schedules of their kids.

"It's perfect for managers, it's perfect for communication, and I don't know anyone who has more to manage in their lives than a mother - a busy mom with kids," said Cochran.

And in Compton's house, she shares her tech savvy ways with her kids, as social media continues to shape the future of communication.

"In my household, I'm the one that kind of keeps it going," she said. "I got the kids little Kindles and that kind of stuff."

Research also shows when a woman finds out she is pregnant, her internet usage skyrockets.

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