Montrose Boy Scout is top national salesman

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MONTROSE, Colo. They say everyone's a salesman, but in Montrose, one boy scout has proven he's the best in the country.

Jonathan Goodwin, a 14-year-old Western Slope native, was recently named the 2013 National Top Salesman for the Annual Popcorn Fundraiser.

Between September and November Goodwin sold more than $31,000 worth of popcorn to earn his title.

"People say that people make the excuse to not sell popcorn, 'oh well I'm in a small town, there's no way I can do that,'" says Goodwin. "I just did it in a small town and that just shows what kind of a caring community Montrose is."

Over the last seven years Goodwin has raised more than $100-thousand dollars to support western slope scouts.

He even helped set up events to give tips to other scouts on how they can improve their sales.

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