Montrose CO Parks and Wildlife accepting project ideas

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MONTROSE, Colo. The Montrose area committee is accepting wildlife project ideas.

In its ongoing effort to reduce conflicts between wildlife and agricultural producers, the Uncompahgre Habitat Partnership Committee is currently accepting applications for projects from landowners.

The projects should focus on long-term solutions aimed at reducing conflict between livestock and wildlife. Some of the general project categories include: habitat improvement and fence improvement or repair. The committee provides cost-sharing funds for projects, unless the project is within residential subdivisions.

Landowners and agricultural producers eligible for this program must live in Delta, Montrose, Ouray, or San Miguel.

The mission of the Habitat Partnership Program is to reduce wildlife conflicts associated with forage and fencing and to assist Colorado Parks and Wildlife in meeting big game management goals.

If you need help determining whether or not your project is doable, call 252-6000.

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