Montrose Rec Center to have economic benefits for community

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MONTROSE, Colo. Next month, Montrose residents will decide if they're willing to fund a new recreation center, which supporters said will actually give the community more financially than it will be taking.

"We’re asking for a .3% sales tax increase, which would be about $1.25 million a year," said Barbara Bynum, of Friends of the Montrose Community Recreation Center. "We see back an impact of over $4 million a year."

Constructing the Montrose Community Recreation Center would generate $50 million from construction jobs, according to a study by RPI Consulting.

Once the facility is built, it will continue to create $4.6 million each year with jobs and also extra spending in the community from people visiting the center from out of town.

"Money stays here in Montrose," Bynum said. "It goes to restaurants. It goes to store keepers. It's healthy for our economy."

It could also be a draw for businesses to relocate to the area, said Montrose Mayor Judy Ann Files.

"One of the things they all want is a rec center and when we don't have one, they choose to relocate elsewhere," Files said.

The ballots will go out mid-March and they are due on April 1.

Montrose voters struck down the original plan back in 2012 by a 600 vote majority.

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