Land bought for future rec center in Montrose

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The first step to building a recreation center in Montrose is just about complete.

Monday, the recreation board of directors are expected to close a deal that will purchase 26 acres of land to be used for a future complex.

The board voted unanimously to buy the land, saying it's been years since Montrose had any outdoor facilities built. So they found a piece of property near Woodgate and Ogden, spending about $299,888.

The money comes from a conservation trust fund, which is the proceeds of lottery sales not tax dollars.

Back in the spring, Montrose residents voted against a tax increase to build the rec. center, so the board of directors said it's exciting they were able to get the land through another fund.

Board members said they'll probably start with a pool, and build from there based on what the community wants.

"The ability to do a number of different things on this site, as well as it being located in a way that's accessible and has the beautiful San Juan’s right to the south that are very visible for soccer fields, baseball diamonds, recreation center," MRD executive director Ken Sherbenou said.

"We heard loud and clear from the voters that they supported that idea but didn't want to see an increase in taxes, so it's really exciting that the rec. district can go forward and look at revamping our plan," MRD board member Barbara Bynum said.

The board said it plans to meet with the community to see what amenities they'd like to see added to the space, and the next challenge is to figure out how to build within the budget, with the possibility of putting a tax increase back on a future ballot to get the project complete.

Board members said this purchase doubles the land that the Montrose recreation district currently owns.

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