Montrose officials release new details on dog attack

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Montrose City officials have released more detailed information about Dutch, a service dog accused of attacking a woman and sending her to the hospital.

Authorities say on November 14, 2012, Montrose Animal Control officers were notified they were treating a female victim who had been attacked by a dog.

The city reports Dutch, an American Allaunt canine, was being watched by the victim while his owner, Jeremy Aguilar, was out of town. The woman who was watching Dutch was his previous owner.

The victim responded to an incident in her backyard when Dutch was fighting with a pit bull. She attempted to break up the fight.

Authorities say the victim struck Dutch with a tiki torch pole, and was able to pull him free. She then took Dutch inside her home to clean him up. That's when authorities say Dutch attacked her, biting her several times before she was able to break free and hide in a room.

The report says the victim did not call the police or ambulance because she feared Dutch would attack them, as he was still attempting to enter her room.

The Montrose city attorney's office proceeded with the prosecution after reviewing the case. The dog's owner, Jeremy Aguilar, was found guilty for violating the city's vicious animals ordinance.

They will be sentenced this Thursday, February 14th.

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