More candidates in running for Mesa County sheriff

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. As an investigation probes allegations that Steve King put false information on a time card, other people are taking on campaigns to give voters more options for the Mesa County sheriff's race.

"A good friend explained who was running, what their qualifications were and more importantly were not and it was kind of scary," Mike Harlow said.

Mike Harlow has decided to become a write in for Mesa County Sheriff. He's hoping to spread his name as the only conservative in the running and he received the Grand Junction Result Tea Party's endorsement Wednesday.

"I've got roughly 17 years," Harlow said of his experience in law enforcement. "Three different states. I'm a graduate of three different police academies. One of them was the NYPD."

Some voters said they're happy to see options after hearing the allegations about King's falsification of a time card.

"At least at this point, there's a real cloud over him," Gil Minard said. "And i think we'd like to have somebody else to look at."

Other voters said they're sticking with King.

"Generally he's a good guy and he's been vetted, well vetted," said Dave Kearsley. "Anybody who comes on the scene now is an opportunist. We won't find out their problems."

Benita Phillips is also running as a write in candidate for Mesa County Sheriff.

Patrick Arotin, Ralph Hamblin and James Lange are petitioning to be unaffiliated candidates on the ballot. Those 750 signature petitions are due Thursday.

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