More children consuming caffeine

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Caffeine is one of the most abused substances among adults, but its consumption and harmful side effects are increasing in children.

The Academy of Pediatrics said 73% of children have caffeinated drinks and food every day.

A new study found boys after puberty are the most likely to suffer the consequence of high blood pressure from too much caffeine.

"It makes me want to make sure that I do pay close attention and keeping paying attention through the rest of his teenage years," said Mica Quint, the mom of an 11-year-old boy who she doesn't let drink caffeine.

The list of side effects for all children is extensive.

"Of course getting hyper. We worry about fast heart rate," said Dr. Zind, a Grand Junction pediatrician. "High blood pressure, problems sleeping at night. Just that agitation and irritability also."

Dr. Zind recommends parents give children only water and milk to drink daily.

Children can have soda as a treat on special occasions, but it shouldn't be consumed regularly.

"We do notice more and more that people have sodas in their house and kids drink it," Dr. Zind said. "If it's there, they'll drink it."