More greens and grains in District 51

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A recent study put out by Live Well Colorado showed that nearly a quarter of the children in Colorado are overweight or obese and that number is rising, Colorado was ranked the second fastest in the country.

"So what we know is that what kids eat matters and it has to be delicious," said Venita Currie Program Director For Live Well Colorado.

Sally Ayotte is a chef educator and said its all about getting back to the basics in the kitchen.

"We frequently find that not everybody knows how to read a recipe and follow a recipe so again starting with the basics, knife skills, reading a recipe if you take that you can do anything," said Ayotte.

Educators from Live Well Colorado showed cafeteria staff how to cook from scratch and use fresh ingredients rather than re-heating frozen prepared foods.

"The kids can feel the love that's in the food and the love that comes from the people sharing the food and they get all excited about it," said Ayotte.

Currie says that by cooking the food in school kitchens, you have the ability to closely monitor the ingredients.

"You know what your not putting in, your not putting in added salts, sugars, preservatives, dies all those things linked to unhealthy lifestyles and can lead to chronic diseases even in children," said Currie.

The Initiative already hit several school districts in Colorado and has seen results. The districts have transitioned from serving 90 to 100 percent processed foods before the healthful training program to serving between 65 and 95 percent scratch made meals.

Educators from the program will maintain a presence in District 51 for the next two years, with hopes that the knowledge passed along to those preparing the food will stick.

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