More mice moving into homes

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Exterminators at Jerry's Pest Control said they have been receiving about five calls a day from people complaining about mice, compared to a couple months ago when they only received five calls a week.

Recent rainfall may be to blame.

"Whenever you have wet weather then you have a lot more seeds and flowers and just even from the weeds and things they feed on," said Roy Moore, president of Jerry's Pest Control.

Even though the extra food outside is causing the population to grow, mice are still looking for places to spend their time inside when it starts getting cold. Their top choices are houses.

"They know winter is coming," Moore said. "They can sense the change in the weather and the time of year. So they’re looking for a place to go for the winter time."

Moore said mice can fit in holes as small as a dime, so it's important to double check foundation, roofs, and outside vents for holes that rodents could slip through.

"If their head will fit then the rest of their body will fit and they can squeeze through a very small crack or a very small hole," Moore said. "And if it’s not quite large enough, sometimes they’ll chew until it is large enough."

If someone does have a mice problem, traps and lethal bait are effective ways to take care of it, Moore said.

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