More playground dangers puts group into action

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Recent problems at playgrounds have sparked concern over whether they are safe for kids or not.

The latest incidents involved a razor blade put on a playground in Illinois where a child was cut, and then yesterday a Jefferson County school got complaints from kids about skin and eye irritation, from what investigators say were about 6 Habanero peppers cut up in the mulch surrounding the playground.

These incidents have prompted the local prospecting and metal detecting group to bring their metal detectors to local parks and playgrounds to help search for anything that might be dangerous to kids.

The Grand Junction Prospecting association went out last weekend in search of anything that could injure people playing at the parks.
President of the group Charles Grandmaison said the group feels it’s their duty to help as much as they can, "Well we all have kids and we don't want to see the kids injured."

“15 to 30 metal detectors people in our club, we thought it would be good thing for us to go out and check our playgrounds and make sure our playgrounds are safe,” said Grandmaison.

He also said that the group is discussing making their trips to the parks a routine event, in order to stay on top of this growing problem.
But most parents are still concerned, and Sarah Jewkes, a mom of two said playgrounds are supposed to be a trusted place where kids can play.

“What are people going to think of next, you know, and why would you want to harm children, it does concern me to have to be hovering over your children in the park," said Jewkes.

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