More wildlife-car collisions with daylight savings

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With the time change this weekend, those at Colorado Parks and Wildlife want to remind drivers to be extra careful as you head back to work this week.

With nightfall coming an hour earlier and much of Colorado wildlife on the move during this time of year, reduced visibility, migration and the mating season are all factors contributing to increased wildlife and vehicle collisions.

Mike Porras at Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it can be a dangerous time of year for motorists and wildlife.

"As the weather starts to get colder as the snow starts to fall in some of the higher elevations. Many of these big game are going to start migrating and they are going to be crossing over major thoroughfares so certainly this time of year you are going to see a lot of activity,” Porras said.

Porras says many animals, especially deer and elk, travel in groups. That means if you see one, it's a good indicator there are more to follow. Porras also says it's important to stay alert at dawn and dusk by scanning for movement along the sides of the road.

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