Mother finds plastic in baby food

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GRAND JUNCTION, COLO. Mother's do a number of things to ensure their babies safety at home, but for a Grand Junction mother, checking her pre-packaged baby food never really came to mind until now.

Jessica Cardoso was feeding her five-month-old baby girl when she discovered a piece of plastic in her Gerber baby food.

"I went to give my daughter a bite and all of a sudden she started choking," Cardoso said. "I could feel this plastic film in the back of her throat, but I couldn't grab it so I just kept digging and finally it came out. I was just shocked at what I found."

After getting her daughter breathing again Jessica immediately called Gerber to let them know what happened. Gerber told her they would have someone come collect the piece of plastic. They apologized and said they would give her a 30 cent coupon.

"A phone call and a coupon for a jar off of baby food was not the solution I was looking for," Cardoso said. "I mean what if she could have choked to death and died... then what?"

Gerber issued a statement to us saying, "For over 85 years, GERBER has been trusted by parents and caregivers to help raise generations of happy, healthy babies. GERBER maintains strict food safety and quality procedures in all of our factories, including numerous quality checks at the different stages of our manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes. We have a 24 hour Parent Resource Center in place to address any parental questions or concerns. Each call that comes into the Parent Resource Center is handled with great care. Every parental issues and concerns is thoroughly investigated and appropriately followed up with consumers."

According to Jessica the baby food company said they have received a few calls with similar concerns, but at this point they have not recalled any baby food.

Jessica is keeping the plastic along with the jar to give to Gerber when they send someone to collect it.

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