Mother says Delta Middle teacher put son in danger

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The mother of a Delta Middle schooler is speaking out, saying a teacher put her son in danger at a school dance.

Leona Dunn says her son saw another student selling drugs at a school dance, and after telling a teacher, the teacher told her child to go get some drugs and bring them back to him.

But the district says the teacher was just looking to dispel any rumors, something Dunn says is unacceptable.

"My son went to the dance and he called me early to come and get him, and I went down and picked him up and asked what was going on and he said that the dance was really a mess," Dunn said.

Dunn said her son told her he saw a classmate passing out pills, and immediately went and told a teacher, saying she was shocked by what the teacher said next.

"Go get some and bring it back to him so then he'll do something about it, and I was furious," she said. Dunn said the teacher put her son in harm's way by asking him to confront what he thought was a drug dealer.

"I was livid, I could not believe, how does that even make sense, and we teach our children, you go to the teachers, you talk to them if you have a problem, and this is what they do because they are too lazy to handle the situation?" she said.

That was two weeks ago on October 25, and she said since that night, the other student has been bullying her son.

"I would have had the police department there that night, I would have had the kid and his parents there and handled it that instant," Dunn said. "We talked about moving him into another school if he gets too stressed out."

But the district says the teacher was just doing his job, and although they talked to him, the district doesn't think he's a danger to students.

"He was investigating the situation I don't know all that took place, I didn't interview the kids as well, so I can't speak to that totally, but as soon as he found out that student had something, he went and got the principal like he was supposed to," Delta County School District spokesman Kurt Clay said. "We've already taken action, I'm not going to tell you what's happening with that, that's a personnel matter."

The Delta School District said it is just following protocol with this investigation, and that student has been suspended.

The school district said the student was handing out some sort of vitamins at the dance.

The delta police department is involved, only telling KKCO 11 News that they are working with Delta Middle School in an open investigation.

Leona Dunn said she wants even more police involvement in Delta County schools, hoping for resource officers to be available to kids.

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