Museum of Western Colorado goes back in time

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Western Slope Residents took a trip back in time today to appreciate some historic practices.

The Museum of Western Colorado hosted a Spring Day on the Farm event. They invited families to come enjoy the warm weather and observe things like, bee keeping, woodworking, blacksmithing and prospecting.

Over 500 people attended the educational experience.

"You see the light bulbs going on in their minds and stuff and they're learning a lot, but they are having fun while they learn it," Assistant Director for the Museum of Western Colorado Kay Fiegel said.

Local 4H kids also brought their baby farm animals to show off and the Wheels West Cars Club contributed vintage vehicles. Attendees could also go on train tours or sample local honey and fresh baked cookies that were made with a wood burning stove.

“It’s really important that kids in particular understand things haven’t always been the way they are,” Fiegel said. “Blacksmiths had to make things and you couldn’t just run down to the hardware store.”

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