Museum on the Mesa: Surrounded by history

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John Johnson is a Colorado native. He moved into the town of mesa about five years ago and found a cabin in his front yard.

"It’s just one of those historical sights that didn't need to go away," said cabin owner John Johnson.

The old cabin has been around since the 1900's.

"It’s just part of the past and people have watched it here for years and years and a lot of people have lived in it,” said Johnson.

In 1915 this cabin provided shelter for a family who lost more than just their home in a fire.

"Little boy who was five, the little girl who was two years old died in that fire, I think they found them under the bed," said family relative Bob Nichols.

Relatives of that family are pleased to see history preserved.

"Anything like this is a plus," said Nichols.


"I am pleased it happened didn't know about this till a day or two ago," said family relative Dariel Clark.

John's wife Pat is amazed at what life was like through her husband's window to the past.

"The size of it and the families that lived there and how they survived with five or six kids in there and it’s just amazing," said John’s wife Pat Johnson.

Fast forward to the present, John's vision for preserving the past includes a snap shot of what life was like in the old West.

"I kind of made a museum out of the inside of it," said John.

Lining the walls with old photos, original cowboy attire, antique pots and pans. John mixed in some modern conveniences too. The cabin opens its doors to onlookers.

"We have so many people come by and they will pull in the drive way and they will look and say, we are glad that you didn't tare down the cabin, we thought that you would, it means so much to people in this community," said Pat.

It looks like all of John's hard work, has paid off.

"It’s an accomplishment, it’s an accomplishment of history that we have been able to preserve and keep. All the people around here really appreciated the fact that we did keep it," said John.

If you are heading up to the grand mesa the family who rebuilt this cabin says to stop on by for a quick history lesson. John says the conversation wasn't easy. First he had to physically move the cabin out of his driveway, and replace everything from the roof to the floor.

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