50 Well pads in the path of the Pine Ridge fire

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) - It was a standing-room only crowd at the Community Center in De Beque Thursday night as nervous residents learned how to protect their property from the advancing Pine Ridge Fire.

According to Chris Joyner, spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management, more than 50 residents have been evacuated from the area south of Interstate 70 near De Beque.

As of Thursday night at 8:40pm Mountain Time, the Pine Ridge Fire had grown to 10,000 acres. Joyner says it's active on "all parameters." He says a Type One firefighting team has been ordered, which is the highest skill level team trained to fight wildfires.

Joyner says there are 50 well pads in the Pine Ridge Fire's path. He says all of the energy companies with threatened wells have been notified.

According to Grand Valley Power, they may have to shut off power to residents living in and around De Beque Thursday night and Friday, in order to prevent injury to firefighters in the area.

Grand Valley Power had no estimate as to when power would be restored, if it were to be shut off.

Photo courtesy of KKCO 11 News viewer Pat Richardson.

UPDATE: According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, there have been no new evacuation orders issued in the Pine Ridge Fire. Residents living south of S 1/2 Road, west of 45 Road, and south of I-70 near De Beque are still evacuated. But residents living in the town of De Beque have not been evacuated.

The flames have come within yards of the Colorado River, but have not reached I-70.

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) - The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has issued new evacuation orders for residents living near De Beque.

According to the Sheriff's Office, residents living south of S 1/2 Road, west of 45 1/2 Road, and south of I-70 near De Beque should evacuate on the De Beque cut-off to Highway 65 towards the town of Mesa.

Palisade High School is available for evacuees.

Officials say the town of De Beque is not being evacuated at this time. They stress that residents living near De Beque on the south side of the interstate, mostly in farm houses and ranches, are being evacuated. Reverse 911 calls have already gone out.

Fire officials are hosting a meeting at De Beque's Community Center at 7:00pm tonight to answer questions on the Pine Ridge Fire.

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