National Weather Service breaks down temperature inversion

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. You hear about it every winter, the weather term, inversion.

What is everything you know about it and what does it mean?

National Weather Service meteorologists say an inversion is the change in temperature where it gets warmer as you get higher in elevation.This happens frequently as cold air gets trapped in the Grand Valley leaving residents waiting for a warm up.

Forecasters say this recent snow storm is just the beginning of the inversion process.

"With this cold front that came through yesterday, we are seeing very cold air settle in to the valley, and it doesn't look like it will be moving out. so with that cold air really sitting at ground level, that is the beginning of temperature inversion in the grand valley", said Jim Daniels, National Weather Service Meteorologist.

Meteorologists say the likelihood of falling into a continuous inversion cycle is probable.

Multiple shots of cold air are predicted, along with snow insulating the ground like an ice cube, keeping the Grand Valley refrigerated.