Neighborhood feels effects of summer storms

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. While most of Mesa County is drying up after Wednesday night's severe storms, one neighborhood is still inches deep in water.

Matt Rice, a resident on Rosevale Road, awoke this morning to a backyard filled with water and even more water overflowed his neighbor's yard.

"They walked out in there and were up above the belts of their pants," Rice said.

Rice said the flooding was even worse after the last storm and he's looking for the county to put more permanent flood prevention measures in place.

"The county person that came out said flooding won't be a problem here, so they aren't going to do anything," he said. "It hasn't been four days and here it is flooded again. We'd just like to see some effort."

Mesa County Public Works crews will help clean up neighborhoods after flooding, but for a permanent fix, engineers have to come out to assess areas prone to floods then the county will prioritize the most severe issues for special projects.

"We'll take a look to see what sort of mitigation factors such as a detention pond or upsizing a pipe or cleaning up debris and channels and such would help," said Pete Baier, deputy administrator for Mesa County Public Works.

If you notice any flooding in your area this summer, call 911 or Mesa County Public Works.

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