Neighbors outraged after tree cut down where hawks used to live

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A neighborhood has banded together after a tree was cut-down that they say a family of hawks was living in.

The Copper Creek subdivision off of 25 road remains under construction while land is being cleared for new homes to be built.

Three large trees on a private lot were located directly behind the subdivision, and the land owner decided to take them down as the new houses go up.

Rusty Walters, lives near the lot and was concerned after the three trees were removed.

Walters says a family of hawks lived in the trees and have been displaced unnecessarily.

"We tried to tell them that the tree had hawks in it, we contacted the wildlife division and they sent someone out there to look at and find out what was going on," said Walters.

Officials with the Department of Parks and Wildlife said they went out to the site and conducted an investigation, which concluded that the nest was no longer active and the tree trimmers and the homeowners were within their legal rights to cut down the tree.

The tree was on private property and not part of the Copper Creek Subdivision.

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