New Emerson's recipe for TCAP success

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Parents and administrators continue on with their integrated learning approach as they prep for the new CMAS exams.

New Emerson Elementary School students scored well above other District 51 institutions.

The schools third, fourth, and fifth graders put some impressive numbers up on the board.

At least 90 percent of these students reached or exceeded state benchmarks for reading and math.

The success of their students is attributed a unique partnership between parents and educators that gets their kids excited about learning.

“The parents are an integral part of our everyday learning, they come in and read with kids in the morning, and they are also just right there, helping their kids along and that's a huge piece of making kids successful,” says Chera Miller, a third grade teacher at New Emerson Elementary.

In addition to involving parents, New Emerson uses reinforced learning across subjects that has proven effective with their students' retention of classroom material.

To prep for the upcoming computerized CMAS examinations, the school will be implementing computer processing and typing classes to take one major stress off their kids during testing.

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