New alternative energy fuels Montrose water plant

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO) -- Saving money and providing more for the city of Montrose: The public works' new alternative energy system absorbs hefty prices and is producing more efficient energy than any other product.

To say BrightLeaf Power is bringing in the power would be an understatment. The local Montrose company that is manufacturing some of the highest-efficient solar energy products around the world.

"PV panels that are out there today, are somewhere around 12 to 14 percent efficient, and we are at 5 times that amount over 70 percent efficient," BrightLeaf Power spokesperson Drew Granzow said. "We can generate both electricity and heat on the same panel."

There's more to it, too. Most products only provide electricity, but BrightLeaf officials say they are unique because they also supply heat.

"They throw away the heat. We found a way to actually collect that heat use that heat and make it useful," Granzow said.

The City of Montrose is onboard, wanting to generate that revenue at their water treatment plant.

"It reduces our power cost we are going to cut that cost by nearly 8 thousand dollars a year," Montrose Public Works spokesperson Joh Harris said.

City officials also say they want to continue to use the local energy business to guide more growth in the city.

"Now we are actually excited to bring in more new renewable energy projects to supplement our plan," Montrose city spokesperson Virgil Turner said.

BrightLeaf authorities say the new technology puts Montrose on the world wide map.

"For it to be developed, engineered, and manufactured here in montrose...makes montrose a solar power leader in the world," BrightLeaf engineer Dr. Craig Hollabaugh said.

Public works officials say that this new technology is not only offsetting electric consumption at the treatment plant, but also heating up one of the buildings.

Energy experts say the new technology is perfect for paving the way for the future for hot domestic water production.

BrightLeaf Power currently only manufactures the new technology at a commercial level, but is looking to engineer for residential use in the near future.

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