New Workforce Center making employment easier

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Those looking for employers and those looking for employees had reason to celebrate Tuesday afternoon.
The Mesa County Workforce Center was giving tours and showcasing the brand new building and equipment.

After 16 years of linking job-seekers with businesses at 29 Road and North, the facility is just one week from opening up its brand new building by the DHS building, and it's been a long time coming for everyone involved...

Brand new computers in the resource center, interviewing rooms and a daycare center are just some of the improvements, and folks looking for jobs, including workforce center partners Job Corps, are excited about the new place.

"Just the resources that it provides and the information sharing to employers and sharing what we got. Just letting them know that we're here and we want jobs," said Kevin Cummings of Collbran Job Corps. "We're eligible and we're ready to work."

Maybe the most practical improvement seen in the new location is its consolidations. The old building wasn't big enough to have all of its resources in one spot, but now they should be able to run much more efficiently.

"On the old Hilltop building, there were four actual different buildings," said Suzie Miller of the Mesa County Workforce. "Some of our programs were being operated out of modulars, so now we're all housed in one building with the addition of that 4,400 square foot business center."

And the business center, a multipurpose room which boasts two 80 inch televisions, will be used for job fairs and other hiring events in which employers are on site.

"Even the advancements of having wifi throughout the building and the audio-visual equipment that we have in the business center will provide a lot of opportunities for a business to be able to touch down here and operate seamlessly."

Everything put together, the new center is an all-inclusive destination for those looking for work.

Officials say the more 30,000+ square foot building will benefit from being right next to the DHS office. The old workforce center will be closing on Thursday and Friday for good, before the official re-opening at the new location next Tuesday (February 18).

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