New discipline policy helps kids with positive reinforcement

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Parents and educators can have very different mid sets when it comes to their child's school discipline policy.

Here in District 51 the schools are using a newer approach that focuses more on positive reinforcement, and while the policy has been in effect in previous years the school is re-training teachers and pushing schools to use the policy more often.

The PBIS or positive behavioral intervention and support policy takes things back to the classroom and has teachers focus on teaching students how to behave well with emphasis on positive reinforcement.

But some parents don't agree that the policy will be helpful, Stefanie Fuoco has kids that go to district 51 schools and said she believes disciplining starts at home.

"I believe that disciplinary policies are good in the school but they can't be completely put on the teachers the teachers need to spend their time teaching," said Fuoco.

While the teachers are more in charge of disciplining their students the policy focuses on team work between the school, the teachers, and the parents to help give kids a more cohesive atmosphere.

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