New drugs: Parents beware of synthetics

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Chad Williams, the Community Outreach Deputy for The Mesa County Sheriff's Office, is warning parents about a new synthetic drug discovered in the Grand Valley.

“It's called 25i, n-bome, it also goes by n-bome's or the kids call it 25i or 25c is another variation of it. It's a 3rd generation synthetic," explains Williams.

Williams says synthetic drug use is becoming more popular among teens and they're getting more knowledgeable about the synthetic subculture. Synthetic drugs are chemically laced substances sometimes sold over the counter at some convenience stores, gas stations and tobacco shops.

“It's kind of a frontier for drug use…the way the kids can order it online and the ease of access of getting them," says Williams.

The deputy says the drug is extra scary to parents because it's very easy to overdose on. It's not taken in pill form; instead it comes in blotter paper tabs.

The most important thing parents and the community can do is to learn more about this drug and be aware of it.

“We are very concerned about it being here. We want to educate the parents and the community about it and so that's the big push right now," says Williams.

In Colorado, by name a 25i drug is not illegal, but it is an analog of another schedule 1 drug which is illegal to possess. The Sheriff's Office wants kids to know they cannot have it legally.

If you're interested in learning more about the drug, Williams will cover synthetic drugs tomorrow night at 7pm at Grand Junction City Hall at the free monthly class The Sheriff's Office and Crime Stoppers offer to the community.

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