New facility for Lower Valley Fire District breaks ground

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) As the Grand Valley continues to grow, so does the need for first responders and their facilities.

The Lower Valley Fire District broke ground on their new facility today.

A big step for a fire department where the majority of firefighters are volunteers. In order to keep up with the volume of calls coming into the station and maintain the manpower to cover the large area they respond to, fire officials say the new firehouse is a huge step forward for the community.

"We'll be adding a new 15,000 new square foot building, it will be operational," said Fire Chief Frank Cavaliere.

And the future facility will enable firefighters to have faster response times.

"We'll be housing 24-hour firefighters now, so on those critical calls, yes we'll be able to get people outta the fire house a lot sooner," said Cavaliere.

Two-thirds of the 31 members are volunteers.

For Tom Henderson, the new fire house, is giving him the opportunity to go from volunteer, to full-time.

"It was a big move for me and my family and my job situation. I think it's a great move, it shows that the district is moving forward," said Henderson.

The two million dollar project is expect to be completed by April or May of 2014.

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