New group highlights economic benefits of hunting

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. With about 270,000 people hunting in Colorado each year, it's just as much a business as it is a sport.

"Communities from rural to urban throughout Colorado really depend on hunting and keeping the jobs that are here in Colorado is really important," said Tim Brass, a co-chair on Hunting Works for Colorado.

Community leaders, business owners and conservation groups are forming a new campaign called Hunting Works for Colorado to raise awareness of the economic benefits of hunting.

Hunters spend an average $1,800 a year and not just at sporting goods stores.

"Filling their gas tank, buying ammunition, or hiring an outfitter," Brass said. "It's a big chunk of change."

The group chose Grand Junction as the first of many Colorado cities it will be visiting in the coming months to educate people about the connection between hunting and the economy as well as the importance of conserving natural habitats and passing on hunting traditions to younger generations.

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