New numbers show decrease in Highway fatalities

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Car accidents seem to happen on a regular basis, but there is some good news after the latest numbers came out from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

C-Dot officials say the number of highway fatalities is down slightly since last year coming at 233 fatalities compared to last year at this point was 237.

Colorado resident, Dan Critchfield said he thinks all the improvements to the roadways and highways are helping drivers stay safer.

"Less accident is a number one priority for the safety and the road conditions and the people in Colorado deserve good highways," said Critchfield.

C-Dot also credits an increase in the number of driving under the influence campaigns for the total reduced number of fatalities as well as an increase in seat belt use.

The number of drugged drivers and the number of people driving while high on marijuana hasn't come out yet.

To see a complete breakdown of accidents reported to C-Dot visit their website

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