New product can save the environment from fires, and ourselves

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) --- According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2010 there were an estimated 90,800 smoking material fires in the U.S.

But a new, Colorado-made product may help put an end to that danger.

Former smoker and inventor/creator of Douse It, Heather Leigh, was searching for a better way to dispose of her cigarettes. But when she couldn't find one, she invented her own.

"I really wanted to do something where you could safely, quickly get rid of your cigarette without the mess, the smell, the lingering smoke and make it convenient for the smoker too," says Leigh.

Douse It allows the smoker a place to extinguish and store cigarette butts while also sealing in smoke and the smell that comes with it.

After finishing their cigarette, the smoker puts the butt into an individual slot that is filled with water and then twist the top closed.

Leigh says that while it isn't her place to tell people whether or not to smoke, she hopes her invention will help to reduce the amount of pollution and waste that leftover cigarette butts introduce into the environment.

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