New scams target Xcel Energy customers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Xcel Energy officials say scammers are trying to get Xcel customers to pay fictitious utility bills.

According to a release, people impersonating Xcel Energy employees or collection agents try to gain access to customers' funds by saying they have an outstanding debt and are about to lose their service.

If you're contacted by someone who tells you to purchase a pre-paid cash card and give them that number over the phone, you're asked to report the incident to Xcel by calling 1-800-895-4999.

In other cases, customers have been fooled by a fake employee name or ID when the scammer shows up at their home to collect payment.

Scammers also ask for payment over the phone by credit card or check.

Xcel officials say sometimes scammers will say a customer has overpaid and need access to a customer's bank account information in order to issue a refund.

Another scam: fake workers show up at a customer's home and say the meter is broken and demand immediate payment for repairs which will be refunded later.

If you have fallen victim or are approached by a scammer, contact Xcel energy, and if you've given a suspected scammer your information, contact your bank immediately.

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