No agreement reached in Miller bond hearing

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) What was supposed to be a quick ten to fifteen minute hearing turning into almost two hours and a bond agreement was not reached. Joel Miller remains in jail until the hearing continues on Tuesday morning.

Miller was indicted on 35 counts, including over-prescribing pills to patients, defrauding medicaid and killing two patients.

The indictment alleges Dr. Miller prescribed some pretty heavy pain medications to patients and some patients were even under the age of 21.

He was arrested on charges of health care fraud, money laundering and distributing, dispensing controlled substances.

The US Attorney's office started things off by outlining the charges against Miller. And they say Miller, 'Stopped acting as a doctor years ago and started acting as a drug pusher.'

Witnesses were called to the stand for the government's case, to show the judge why they believe Miller should not be released on bond.

KUSA in Denver spoke with Dr. Miller a few months back when he maintained his innocence.

"My patients that I see or saw had an autopsy report that said they overdosed. The question is, did any of my patients die because of the medications that I gave them and the answer is no," said Miller.

Miller also described the allegations as a 'witch hunt.'

A Facebook page to support the doctor was set up more than a year ago. Patients say he is a good doctor who helped a lot of people, but his alleged 'Pain Pill Mill' has him behind bars and no longer practicing medicine.

Dr. Miller's medical license was revoked around this time last year. He was practicing at High County Medical in Craig at 535 Yampa Ave.

The US Attorney described Miller as an 'out of control prescriber' and said he was dangerous to the health, safety and even the lives of patients.

The hearing will resume on Tuesday morning, and Miller will remain in jail until a bond agreement is reached.

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