No end in sight for allergy sufferers

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Allergy season is in full effect and if you feel like yours are worse this year than ever before that's because Mesa County is seeing a 10 year high in allergens.

An allergen report released by the Mesa County Health Department shows tree pollen levels are high this week at a count of 142 while grasses and weeds remain at a lower level.

For those with allergies wondering why this year has been so bad experts said it is a combination of a couple things.

"We've had a number of big wind storms that have added a lot of dust and other irritants into the air on top of the pollen," Ed Brotsky, Air Quality Specialist.

Compared to the average for tree pollen this year far exceeds previous recordings of the allergen. Every time there's a rain storm the pollen gets wiped out, but comes right back because of the amount of trees in our area.

"There are just a large number of different trees blooming everything from poplars, to ash, mulberry, junipers, oak, sycamore you name it it's blooming right now," Brotsky.

There's some good news and bad news. The good news is tree pollen is on its way out so you won't have to worry about suffering from that for much longer.

The bad news is grass pollen will take its place and when we move later into the summer weeds will start to bloom, so we just have to wait until winter to have absolute relief.

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