No more North Avenue?

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One active community member is leading the charge on changing North Avenue to University Boulevard. The idea is floating around businesses on North and is getting mixed reviews.

"Some concerns is the expense, there's a lot of the businesses will have to reconfigure their address and so on," said Rich Emerson, Johnson's House of Flowers.

Emerson said he doesn't have any strong feelings about it right now, and if the name is changed he can live with it.

Active community member and proponent of the name change, Levi Lucero said the re-naming would be timely since the North Avenue area is due for a make-over.

Bray Real Estate agent Ron Sechrist said he can remember cruising North on Friday nights as a teen, but thinks a new name could be a positive change.

"The town grew past it, so North Avenue doesn't make a lot of sense, but uh it has been that for a long time, what could we name it or rename it, not a bad idea," said Sechrist.

Lucero said he plans to continue the discussion with business owners and other members of the community, and welcome all comments and support, and has already collected around 200 statements of support.

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