No more playgrounds for Delta Housing Authority tenants

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DELTA, Colo. (KKCO) -- Playgrounds and swing sets are a staple for many households with young kids, but residents of Delta Housing Authority have learned they can no longer have them.

According to DHA Executive Director Jo Rosenquist, the rule is required through DHA's insurance carrier, the Housing Authorities' Insurance Group.

"Most of the folks we serve are low income, which means it's difficult for them to afford renters' insurance, so if someone were to get hurt on the equipment, it would be the homeowner, which is the housing authority, that would be liable for that injury," Rosenquist said.

For tenant Melissa Lutz who runs a licensed daycare out of her home, the playground ban has her concerned about her job. She said parents will take their kids elsewhere if they can't play outside on the playground.

"This is my income; my daycare is my only income," Lutz said.

DHA suggests families use the DHA playgrounds, which are allowed under the insurance policy because DHA officials can monitor the equipment to ensure it's safe.

But, parents say those playgrounds aren't safe for kids and are filled with goat heads, a type of thorn.

"It's infested completely with goat heads," said Martin Roach, parent of six. "Every time my children go over there to play, they get sores. And they expect my children to go over there when my backyard doesn't have them."

Rosenquist said parents can alert DHA of any concerns over DHA playgrounds.

"When you don't own your home, you sort of have to live with the rules of the people who do," Rosenquist said.

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