Nursing jobs for recent grads on the bubble

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It's one of the fastest growing careers, attracting many new coming students to Colorado Mesa University for the nursing program.
However, some concerns are bubbling up about the future within the career and if jobs will continue to be in high demand.

Health care has traditionally been a recession proof field, one that continues to provide a stable amount of jobs through hard times ,but, a new study shows that it might be harder to get that nursing job especially if you are a recent graduate.

Having that first job lined up after class is out, is what every graduate hopes for, but new recent research from Colorado Public News is showing that out of nearly 752 advertised jobs in Colorado for nurses; only four are open to new grads.

But if you're hitting the books, or hoping to enter the field, officials at CMU say that students shouldn't worry.

"In the stats nationwide we see the hospital jobs growing at 40 percent, they are going to want experienced nurses, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a role for recent graduates" said Debra Bailey, head of the Department of Health Sciences.

Those roles may not always be the graduates dream job or critical care jobs... but c-m-u statistics show that they are finding those first jobs at a 90 percent success rate within 6 months of searching and some students are prepared to work their way up the nursing field.

"I feel like I could be ok getting experience for a couple of years somewhere that is not where I eventually want to be, but that experience always helps, and then eventually I can probably get a job that I really really can see myself doing" said Michelle Peterson, CMU Nursing Student.

"There are so many different fields that we can go into, that some of the fields might not even be thought of nursing and you can still be a nurse in that field, so I’m ok with it, I don't think there will really be a huge issue”, said Russell Glenn, CMU nursing student.

University officials say one reason that local graduates get a foot in the door is they offer more than just the classroom learning, they also encourage students to take place in a practicum that helps provide the useful time and experience to help get graduates hired.

"Many of our students do a senior specialty practicum of 150 hours, that allows them to start in a place and many are hired from that specialty also"

Health sciences officials also say that 50 percent of the graduating class finds jobs locally while the other 50 percent does look elsewhere for those nursing jobs.
There are currently 280 nursing students at CMU, and health sciences officials say that nearly 110 apply per semester, but only 36 are taken.