Off roading Safety tips for the Summer

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. All-terrain vehicles can take you to the tops of mountains and on many world class trails and with thousands of trails in Western Colorado there are many to choose from.

But with that hundreds of accidents happen every year, and most of them happen to children under the age of 16.

Safety instructor Kenton Page said wearing the proper gear is essential to staying safe, “You should always wear a helmet, should always wear some type of hand protection, and long sleeved shirts and long legged trousers."

Ronald Pollard the President of Funshare Rentals said he not only requires his renter to wear a helmet he also requires them to spend time driving around the parking lot before they can leave.

“We get a lot of first time customer's here and the first we teach them is how to stop, it's easy to make these things go but you got to know how to stop," said Pollard.

You should also know the area’s you are riding on before you go out.

Experts also say you should come prepared with extra food, clothes, and water in case the worse happens and you need to be rescued you can tell them where you are and be safe until they can get to you.

"Always have tow rope of some kind or a rope in order to pull debris out the road, don’t cut across and make new trails, only stays the trails," said Page.

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